Services and Ceremonies

The officially recognized ceremonies of the Church of Scio-Buddhism do not contain references to the supernatural, or to such entities as gods or spirits; furthermore, the Ordained Clergy of the Church should also generally avoid such supernatural references in the context of Spiritual or Philosophical Counseling. However, because the Church of Scio-Buddhism accepts people from all religious backgrounds and recognizes the validity of all religious practices provided they are consistent with the One Sacred Law, the Ordained Clergy of the Church may reference the supernatural in the context of performing religious ceremonies adopted from other Faiths, understanding that such supernatural references may often be taken as metaphors for various reality-based aspects of the natural world. The concept of a "Creator" may be used to reference "That Which Created the Universe," with the understanding that the Universe was not created supernaturally.

An important Scio-Buddhist practice is meditation. It is also important to spread the Dharma of the Church of Scio-Buddhism. Meditation and Dharma teachings can be integrated into any of the Services and Ceremonies described below. The Church of Scio-Buddhism will also conduct Gatherings for the specific purpose of Dharma teaching and Meditation training and practice.

At all times, people should be treated according to the One Sacred Law: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!"

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