A Celebration of Faith is a time for Participants to gather in Harmony and Celebration, under the principle: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!" Celebrations of Faith may feature music, a drum-circle and fire-pit, dancing, the sharing of food and drink, and any other means for Celebrating which are consistent with the One Sacred Law. Celebrations of Faith may resemble a party. The Celebration may actually be considered to begin before any of the Participants arrive, when the Officiant lights ritual "Welcoming" candles, lanterns, or the fire-pit, as the case may be. The Celebration may continue after these ritual "Welcoming" flames have been extinguished. Celebrations may last from minutes, to days, to even longer, depending upon the participation of the Participants.

Sometime during the Celebration, the Officiant may optionally perform the Affirmation of Faith and the Affirmation of Ordination, both below.

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