Doctrinal Statement of the
Church of Scio-Buddhism


~ Knowledge is power. Love conquers all. ~

We are an unincorporated assembly, united in community by the practice of our sacred faith, which recognizes that by natural law all human beings are Sovereign Individuals and that the Sovereign Individual is the Highest Authority over himself or herself, and recognizes that the Most Sacred Right of all humans is the Most Sacred Right of Freedom and Self-determination, and that with this Most Sacred Right comes the Most Sacred Duty of Non-Interference with the Most Sacred Right of Freedom and Self-Determination of others. We desire the propagation of our shared philosophy, faith, morals, practice, discipline, and community, and seek to provide for the spiritual, physical and mental well-being of our Members and our Church, and to work for the alleviation of suffering of all beings. We are united together as a Church for the furtherance of these goals, as an Illuminating Example of the combined power of Knowledge and Love. We hold the practice of our Sacred Faith as centrally important in our lives and we solemnly pledge to live by The One Sacred Law of of Scio-Buddhism: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!"

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