The Church of Scio-Buddhism respects the rule of law as necessary to civil society, and urges its Members to follow all moral secular laws. Many secular laws, however, historically have not been moral; the list of such immoral secular laws – and the immense suffering they have caused – is as sad as it is long.

Scionics Philosophy and The Church of Scio-Buddhism are completely objective and moral, being firmly based upon the rock-solid foundation of reality itself. The Church of Scio-Buddhism affirms the Sacred Right of each of its Members to resist or refuse to comply with all immoral secular laws, where such laws violate the Most Sacred Duty of Non-Interference with the Rights, Freedoms and Self-Determination of individuals, and where such resistance or refusal does not violate the Most Sacred Duty of Non-Interference with the Rights, Freedoms and Self-Determination of individuals. Because we are each ultimately responsible for our own moral choices, the Church of Scio-Buddhism cannot be held legally responsible for the moral or legal choices of its Members, even when such choices are based upon the doctrine of the Church of Scio-Buddhism or Scionics Philosophy, and even if choices are actively supported by the Church of Scio-Buddhism or Scionics Philosophy.

(Please note that any information contained herein is not meant as tax or legal advice. The Church of Scio-Buddhism does not provide tax or legal advice, it provides moral and philosophical advice, and nothing herein may be construed as tax or legal advice.)

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