1:4 The Universality of Scio-Buddhism

To this point in history, Buddhism has split into three main forms over the course of millennia: Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism has itself spawned a number of sects: Tibetan Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism. Each of these contain varying amounts of mysticism.

The advent of Scionics, however, brings with it the advent of a new, fully reality-based, non-mystical form of Buddhism: “Scio-Buddhism” – the non-mystical, scientifically valid ontology of Scionics, coupled with the highly effective and non-mystical practices taught by the Buddha himself: essentially, Buddhism appropriate for the Scion. This melding of Scionics ontology with non-mystical Buddhist practice delivers the most direct and effective path towards higher consciousness and the ultimate liberation from suffering.

Scionics is truly the universal philosophy of the cosmos, due to its iron-clad foundation in reality itself. While Scionics is the first realization of this on Earth, any beings anywhere in the cosmos capable of the necessary conceptual integration for the formation of philosophy will eventually discover and adopt Scionics philosophy themselves, provided they survive long enough. Just as mathematics and science are universal, so too is Scionics. Just as the application of Scionics will vary in some aspects from individual to individual on Earth according to the differences between them, so too will it vary among any conceptual beings elsewhere in the cosmos; however, while the application will vary, its truths are universal.

While Scio-Buddhism is not identical with Scionics, and while Scio-Buddhism may be considered religious in nature whereas Scionics is purely secular, Scio-Buddhism is completely consistent with Scionics (and reality itself) in every way. Due to the complete consistency between Scionics and Scio-Buddhism, Scio-Buddhism shares in the universality of Scionics, making it the truly universal path towards higher consciousness and liberation from suffering for all non-mystical beings, all throughout the cosmos. Just as with Scionics, while the application of Scio-Buddhism will vary among such conceptual beings as exist throughout the cosmos, the truths of Scio-Buddhism remain universal.

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