The Affirmation of Faith is conducted when accepting new Members into the Church, or as a means for re-affirming the faith of existing members. The Officiant reads each line, which is then repeated by the Participants in the Affirmation of Faith.

Officiant: I call upon all who are or who wish to become Members of the Church of Scio-Buddhism to please repeat after me:

All human beings are Sovereign by Natural Law.

The Sovereign Individual is Morally his or her own Highest Authority.

The Most Sacred Right of all human beings is the Most Sacred Right of Freedom and Self-determination.

The Most Sacred Duty of all human beings is the Most Sacred Duty of Non-Interference with the Freedom and Self-determination of others.

The Most Sacred Right and the Most Sacred Duty are integrated into the One Sacred Law: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!"

I solemnly pledge to live by the One Sacred Law: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!"

Officiant: You have taken a solemn pledge to live by the One Sacred Law: "LIVE AND LET LIVE!" You have thereby Affirmed the Faith necessary for membership in the Church of Scio-Buddhism. (The Officiant may mention that members can get officially registered at the official Church Website,

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