The ecclesiastic authority of the Church of Scio-Buddhism to function as a Church, Religion, or Philosophical Practice is derived directly from reality and natural law. All human beings and thus all Members of the Church of Scio-Buddhism, by natural law possess the Most Sacred Right of Freedom and Self-Determination, a right which includes but is not limited to the Sacred Right of Spiritual, Religious, and Philosophical Expression; it is by this Right and the common desire of the Members of the Church of Scio-Buddhism to unite together as a Church, Religion, or Philosophical Practice that the Members do so unite as a Church.


The Foundational Writings of the Church of Scio-Buddhism are The Protocols of Scionics and The Discovery of Scio-Buddhism. All Members of the Church are encouraged to study these two essential books. They contain truly mind-liberating concepts and information, and can serve as the key to unlocking and actualizing the highest potential of the individual and society.

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