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05/06/2019 11:12 pm  

It is mentioned in the writings about counseling.

Is this something that is currently available?

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06/06/2019 3:11 am  

Terms such as “counselor,” “therapist,” or “life coach,” for example, may have a legal definition (and legal restrictions) which can vary depending upon one’s jurisdiction. If carried out in the context of spiritual or religious practices, however, such terms are generally outside of legal restriction, due to the First Amendment –  at least for those residing in the USA.

In the case of the Scionics Institute or Scio-Buddhism, we would provide a type of philosophical counseling or spiritual counseling, as this falls within our philosophical/religious/spiritual mandate. The technical name for this is “Scionics Counseling,” or “Scio-Counseling,” for short.

Scionics Counseling is not appropriate in all cases, however. I will contact you privately to assess your situation.

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